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Why Turing Team?

Have a stellar blockchain project and want to develop it under the hood? Choose Turing Team!

Turing Team provides you and your blockchain team members a complete cloud solution from collaborative blockchain cloud interactive development environment, project management to necessary team communication tools to fully control and keep every team member up-to-date on development progress. Extra features as meeting schedule, meeting minutes and team call are exclusively available only on Turing Team and Turing Enterprise.

Turing Project

Scrum and Kanban taskboard issue-tracking is integrated with the other Turing products suite. You control flexible privacy and role permissions between external guests and project members. Allowing you to balance information as need-to-know, anyone-can-comment, etc. on each specific task, issue, and user story of the project providing both information flow and work flow management.

Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE

A cloud interactive development environment with preconfigured full-node blockchain environments. Currently, Turing supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS full nodes with associated compilers and well-known industry SDK and API libraries. Less time waiting to prepare development environments, more time and productivities for developing.

Encrypted Cloud Drive

Sharing and storing files between team members is necessary. End-to-end encryption to protect confidentiality, integrity while maintain the availability of files is a must to secure private blockchain project developments.

Version Control

Source code control and management is vital. A customized dashboard tracks issues, merge/pull requests, activities, milestones, snippet, and todo will help developers keep the up-to-date project status visibile, quickly and easily.

Turing Streaming

Effective group communication leads to effective collaboration, effective collaboration leads to project success. Blockchain project needs more than just effective group communication, blockchain project needs community. Private blockchain teams can change turing streaming group privacy at anytime to have guests to group chat.

Turing Note Cloud vs Turing Note Enterprise

Feature Cloud Team Enterprise
Manage large developer team and large community
Granular privacy and permission setting for each members
Custom colour, branding and access domain
App store access
Latest Turing beta products accessibility
Latest Turing blockchain cloud IDE custom stack images
Custom development environment on demand add-on
Large object file storage
Encrypted cloud drive
Turing team functions

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