Make sure blockchain development tools are most-to-do for developers is our duty.

Turing Salt is developer smart contract based on EOSIO open source

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Turing Salt

There is nothing called absolute but blockchain.

EOS smart contract layer and blockchain to ensure the consensus, byzantine fault tolerant desirable characteristics and decentralization. Combining with Turing proof of delivery ledger, double - win

Accountability and authorization in project development

Legitimacy, reputation, and identity are tightly linked and form the basis of many avoidable disputes.Each distinct entity reputation event is timestamped and recorded in an append only journaling ledger which records hashes for integrity.

Transparency is a key to evolve partnership and trust

Team grows over time by either internal developers or external contractors, regardless, transparency is a must to maximize productivity. It is not easy to work in environment whereas everyone has a knife behind his/her back to either defense or attack. Transparency helps.

A must have for development team

Each entity's reputation record gains integrity, authenticity, and evidentiary strength commensurate with its provability. Turing Salt provides a strong standard for authenticity, accountability and authorization.

Pepper your project, your salt!

Marinate your blockchain development with smart contract and proof of delivery

Turing Oracle

Turing Note with Turing Project, Turing Stream, Tgit, Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE, and future development applications on Turing will act as Turing Oracle with API inputs as conditions for EOS-based smart contract on Turing.

Proof of delivery

Expectation target and contract clauses are hardcoded and timestamped in the Turing proof of delivery ledger. The twilight zone of quality and reputation will come down to code level. Together with Turing Edge, Turing Salt, Turing Proof makes a pennant to build a blockchain developers and contractors reputation system with feedback and proof of delivery.

EOS Smart Contract Processor

EOS smart contract is written in C++ and converted into webassembly to execute onchain. Turing Salt smart contract layer will be entirely based on EOS smart contract mechanisms.

Smart Contract Library

Turing Salt will have two main smart contract applications, one to calculate reward for open source projects and for dynamic development smart contracts based on EOS smart contract business logic execution.

Status: Whitepaper revisioning Read our publications