Blockchain project maturity from day one.

Turing Note Enterprise is your private Turing Note instance designed for your group of developers to manage blockchain development while promoting your projects to your community keeping them engaged and informed.

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Turing Note, your way

With Turing Note Enterprise private, use your blockchain project brand design. You have the flexibility to customise completely to your management method. Your developers may focus on development while providing the project community with the experience of having their finger on the pulse of the project. This lets you focus on your project, all hosting and Turing Note Enterprise technical support is on us, it can even be hosted within your enterprise.

Collaboration at the scale you want

Our system administration leadership team has an aggregate of more than 150 years of experience with agreements with data centers in different cities in the world. The solution can meet your scaling demands of the largest projects.

Make Turing Note your home

Our white label design team can customize Turing Note themes and branding to your own project branding. Your team will also have earliest access invitation to our new beta projects, add-ons or latest added blockchain stack images for development. Our app store is updated continuously with new products and features, and take advantage of the opportunity to provide input to Turing Group's own roadmap to get the features you desire.

Why Turing Note Enterprise?

Schedule a call with our representatives or channels representative to discover why Turing Note Enterprise solves your blockchain development team and community needs better than any others.


Turing Note Cloud vs Turing Note Enterprise

Feature Cloud Team Enterprise
Manage large developer team and large community
Granular privacy and permission setting for each members
Custom colour, branding and access domain
App store access
Latest Turing beta products accessibility
Latest Turing blockchain cloud IDE custom stack images
Custom development environment on demand add-on
Large object file storage
Encrypted cloud drive
Turing team functions

Blockchain projects organization that suits you

Turing Note Enterprise understands the problems companies face making sure your blockchain projects are successful. Project size and distance between collaborators are no longer any barrier.

Backup and Snapshot rotations

Customized backup and snapshots of private instance to keep and preserve your blockchain development at every stage from first line to delivery to ongoing code maintenance activities.

Develop without hassles

Blockchain is a burgeoning industry, each day of delay showing project stakeholders is a bad day. Achieve your delivery target and avoid dealing with development environment troubleshooting.

Custom blockchain dev env

Our technical support team can help setting up your own blockchain development environment as you like it, if our default stacks do not match your development preferences or requirements.

Flexible scalability

The ability to add quotas or performance metrics is made easier with Turing smart quota and billing contract

Enterprise support

We offer up to 24/7 online support for technical issues for Turing Note Enterprise, with many options for extra services to meet your project demands. Need more developers? Come here first.

Monitor and alert

We monitor for attack attempts and provide alerting for anomalies affecting your blockchain project.