Take action on inspiration, whether you're an individual researcher, a small development team, or a multinational enterprise, Turingnote helps you succeed.


Turing Project

Scrum and Kanban task board track your issues and keep sprints moving with all the tools needed for collaborative working.

Turing Streaming

Communication controls create a balance between developers, developer community, and public group communication. Turing Note projects build communities around your projects organically by showing developer progress, while still allowing the developers to remain focused on project development.

Turing Q&A

A public Q&A / FAQ generation system gamified with a reputation system that rewards participating users for their contribution to the community and helping to keep the public up-to-date with your latest blockchain developments.

Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE

The cloud interactive development environment is preconfigured with full-node blockchain environments. Currently, Turing supports all varieties of Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS full nodes with associated compilers and well-known industry SDK and API libraries. When you use TuringNote to save the time preparing development environments, you have more time to develop productively and focus on delivering.

Challenge in collaboration

Open communication with a public community is needed for feedback, but can also be a distraction from productive action. Balance these with privacy boundaries between primary developers who create and maintain projects, users who believe in projects and seasonal freelancing developers who want to contribute to projects. Teams do not have a focused environment where products can actually be built.

Challenge of communication

Reddit, Twitter, Slack, Telegram, etc. weren't designed for blockchain-related project communications. Relying upon general purpose communication products leads to distraction and inneffective communication between project owners and users. An effective communication system leads to high value discussions for everyone involved, not drawn out fights to create advertisement page views.

Challenge of confidence

Although the nature of a blockchain is to create provable honesty and transparency, some blockchain projects have experienced highly public failures. Project stakeholders and primary developers working on code the roadmap must provide clear updated information or risk the incitement of fears, uncertainties and doubts in the people who would otherwise be confident in the project's success.

Please let us know what you think about all of this. We want to serve you better!

Our goal is to foster the communities that are bringing the new world to reality. That's you. We know that no project can be successful without strong community support and so we take your input to heart and use it to improve what we do for you. Please send us feedback for anything you think we can improve upon to make your experience better to feedback@turinggroup.io


Absolute support open source projects

Our mission is to support open source projects. We are grateful to the open source developers of the world and want to give back. Turing Note would not exist without the free and open source movement. We are built upon on FOSS, and we are commited to fostering development of open source blockchain projects by providing unlimited access to open source projects on Turing Note.