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Please let us know what your user experience is at Turing Note. We have Turing Note public project on Turing Project to keep track of user experience feedback. On Turing Project - Turing Note project, you can open issue ticket with UXReview tag

Please let us know how we can make your user experience better by adding desirable functions to Turing Note or separate Turing products integrate to Turing Note. Or custom functions to your team or enterprise. Just talk to us by open new ticket from your My Account or public Turing Note project on Turing Project issue ticket Enhancement tag

Custom blockchain development IDE

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Please let us know your blockchain development demand on Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE product. We will deliver to community Turing Note if custom stack image is in high demand with IDE tag on Turing Note issue tracker. Or just talk to us by open a ticket from your My Account if you need a custom blockchain development environment for your team or enterprise.

We have cost estimator for you to estimate Turing Team, Turing Cloud Pro, Premium accounts based on user number and resources for Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE. Or if you need special proposal for specific Turing Services, please open a ticket from your My Account and let us know how we can help you.

Proposal and Estimation for Turing Services?

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Partner with us!!!


We'd love to partner with blockchain projects. If you have SDK, API libs, or a new blockchain platform want to be on Turing Note, please come talk to us by open a ticket from your My Account.

Interested to be Turing sale channel? Please don't hesitate to talk to us by open a ticket from your My Account. Being our authorized sale channel, you will get commission based on sale volume.

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