Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE - Preconfigured full-node blockchain development environment

We have preconfigured virtual development environments for you, using various popular blockchains (Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, etc.). Blockchain developers encounter the same issues repeatedly when it comes to environment building. Skip the hassle with setup troubleshooting initial builds and downloads.

Our team of system administrators and developers sat down, and we solved these problems by creating pre-configured full-node Virtual Machines for each blockchain development environment. Since is was repeatedly necessary, we needed to automate this. Now this is offered to everyone to use our blockchain development environment as a service to other blockchain developers. Instantly code and collaborate now, instead of waiting for days to download and configure, and then troubleshoot your environment.

Instantly code and collaborate now instead of waiting for days to download and configure, not yet inclerviceuding troubleshooting!!!

Code your blockchain project by the moment ideas come.

Intensive time consuming for compiling and downloading blockchain

Bitcoin implementation code takes up to one hour just to compile, initial block download of blockchain can take many more hours, or days for some implementations. Ethereum, EOS, or any other blockchain platforms are similar. Everyone has difficulty building environments on the first try. Juniors lose time and interrupt the efforts of seniors to discover the solutions.

Who enjoys troubleshooting missing libraries and dependencies?

Avoid the pain of troubleshooting the inevitable missing libraries and dependencies when installing from source code, docker environment, or binary files.

We research SDKs and APIs, and build environments to suit your project.

Sort through functions and save research time on SDK and API libraries, and avoid troubleshooting delays from miss-matched APIs or errors and bugs between functions.

Turing system administrators and developers collaborate.

Our senior system administrators sit down with your blockchain developers to solve these three important challenges in preparing and designing a blockchain development environment tailored for your purposes.

The TuringGroup Developer's Environment is our service to you

Intensive research on our use of the Turing blockchain cloud interactive development environment has shown that the savings we've realized can help everyone developing smart contracts and blockchain services.

The journey from brilliant blockchain idea to executed implementation should not be distracted by the challenges in preparing the development environment, dealing with hardware requirements, resource insufficiencies or painful troubleshooting.


Bitcoin environment

Preconfigured full node, Bitcore, electron.js, blocktrail SDK & API libs, Bitpay Integration SDK & API, Coinbase developer libraries.

Ethereum environment

Preconfigured light node, Truffle framework, web3.js, ganache CLI, Embark framework, Solidity compiler, Solium, OpenZeppelin.


Preconfigured full node multi-nodes testnet environment with webassembly compiler.

Why Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE?

Schedule a call with our representatives or sale channels to discover why Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE is a solution for your blockchain project development solution.