Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE and Turing Note

Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE makes use of Turing Note in perfect harmony. The first and best blockchain project development and integrated community communication is orchestrated entirely on a unified cloud environment. Please allow us to take you on an insightful journey of how your blockchain project development can be fully managed on Turing

So ... you and your team have a blockchain idea ...

Step 1 - Brainstorm and kickstart a new blockchain project

Brainstorming ideas may be organized into kanban swimlanes or Agile Stories within Turing Project. Your team members have access to project information based on modifiable roles and permissions.

Step 2 - Define blockchain project's purposes, user stories and tasks

Inside Turing Project, users stories and tasks are broken down into subtasks with team member assignments for real time notifications, communication, and collaboration.

... and you want to execute your 2 sats dream ...

Step 3.1 - Blockchain project execution

Congratulation! you are getting there, time to let the world know your blockchain idea and initial commitments ...

Step 3.2 - Announce the public your new blockchain project

... marinate your project, enhance quality, genereate FAQs using public feedback and opinion from your community.

Step 4. Tracking milestone, issues and public feedbacks

Instant import projects into IDE

Many options are available to instantly import an existing git into Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE. Use the git repository on Turing Git, or use the IDE fully integrated to Github, Gitlab, Git and Bitbucket.

Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE Integrations





What if you want to fully import your project from project management, Version Control source code management to collaborative IDE? Please check out these links to see our integration support.

Any problems, desires or questions?

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