Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE

A brief exploration to Turing Blockchain Cloud IDE that accelerates blockchain development.

A cloud interactive development environment with preconfigured full-node blockchain environments. Currently, Turing supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS full nodes with associated compilers and well-known industry SDK and API libraries. Less time waiting to prepare development environments, more time and productivities for developing.

Dashboard Controller

Workspace macro and micro management

Take a full control of your workspace from import projects, export whole workspace to private clouds, control workspace permissions to adjust workspace resource quotas. All in one place.

Arsenal of stack images

Create your desirable workspace immediately with a rich libraries of stack images from blank image to traditional development environments to powerful blockchain stack images.

Friendly developer experience

Three main panels:

1. File explorer where projects can be easily located and accessed.

2. Powerful code editor

3. VM terminal you have full control of your box.

Powerful preloaded SDK and API libs

Standard developer tools to create smart contract applications on any smart contract platforms, from Ethereum to EOS. No more frustrations when compiling from source codes or cost time to research what are needed to setup smart contract development environment