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Remove the barriers between blockchain development and blockchain execution. Your blockchain development environment wish is our command.
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Meet Turing Note

Turing Note is the blend of Turing Group products assembled for the purpose of improving blockchain development experience, by advancements in project management and communications tools.

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Since bitcoin was released, the world has waited for a dedicated platform for blockchain development. Despite the waves of investment, blockchain development tools are nowhere to be found. So much investment could have been saved or been more productive. It changes now.


We have tools for every developer, from individual (non)cryptographers, and students to private blockchain corporations and public enterprise.


Turing Project

Scrum, Kanban taskboard and issue tracking with integrations to other Turing products

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Turing Streaming

Communication controls create a balance between developers, developer community, and public group communication. Turing Note projects build communities around your projects organically by showing developer progress, while still allowing the developers to remain focused on project development.

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Turing Q&A

A public Q&A / FAQ generation system gamified with a reputation system that rewards participating users for their contribution to the community and helping to keep the public up-to-date with your latest blockchain developments.

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Turing Team

Private Turing Note instance for private blockchain development team to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of development

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Version Control

Source code management integrated to other Turing Group products, and with gateways to other developer code repositories.

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Turing IDE

Preconfigured blockchain development environment, to your specifications, always available, delivered securely to your web browser.

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We are adding more

Check our roadmap to see what we currently working on to make your developer experiences satisfying and productive.See our roadmap


In gratitude to our brothers and sisters in the community of free license open source software developers. We created this product suite to support your open source developments, sustainably supported in turn from the Turing Note Enterprise revenue.

Meet Turing IDE

Turing IDE brings the Turing Note family a cloud integrated development environment, customized with preconfigured full-node blockchain environments like Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and many more.

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Start building your own blockchain today with a few clicks, for free

Turing Note is open and free to try, user friendly and maybe you will have your first blockchain coded even before you know it. Try it now.